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  • Richard Hurst

    Experienced business leader and Kamilaroi Man, Richard Hurst, joins me on the Deadly Discussions podcast. I’ve been looking forward to getting Richard onto the podcast to hear his perspective on […]

  • The Woodings

    For the first time on Deadly Discussions, I will be hosting two guests (well, technically they are one). I welcome a married couple, Adam and Carmel Wooding of Empower Digital. […]

  • Benson Saulo

    Passionate about working towards positive change, building networks, sharing knowledge and learning. Benson, loves ‘curiosity’ and believes it is the beginning of all great things.He has always worked hard to […]

  • Laura Thompson

    Laura Thompson joins me on the Deadly Discussions Podcast. Laura a Gunditjmara woman, shares he very unique approach in “Closing the Gap”. Through Spark Health Organisation, Laura and her team […]

  • Ivan Chilly

    An Aboriginal man from the Kabi Kabi people, “Chilly” was product of violence, grew up in foster system, became homeless, was shot during a tussle on the streets and then […]

  • Narrun Williams “Big Nuzz”

    This week on Deadly Discussions I sit down with the inspirational Narrun Williams. A Twelve year old Indigenous social entrepreneur, trailblazing the way for Indigenous youth in Business. With connection […]

  • Bevan Mailman

    This week on the Podcast I have the pleasure of interviewing Bevan Mailman, a First Nations Lawyer with quite a story to share. We yarning up about, – Growing up Maori […]

  • Dr. Kaushik Sridhar

    I’m always blown away by the stories of my guests, their stories of resilience, dedication and the ability to overcome inspire me. Dr. Kaushik Sridhar is our guest on Deadly […]

  • Paul Hughes

    Paul Hughes joins the Deadly Discussions Podcast to talk spreading the love in the corporate world, in particular the tech companies. Paul who initially migrated from Scotland as a young […]

  • Yolanda Finette

    Big shout out to Yolanda Finette for coming onto the Deadly Discussions Podcast and sharing her story. We talk on, Growing up with an Indigenous mother, African-American father and a […]