• Frank Mitchell

    This week on Deadly Discussions we get to have a listen to Frank Mitchell‘s story. There is some much in this Podcast! Frank shares growing up in a town of […]

  • Ariel Liebman

    Deadly Discussion this week will be featuring Ariel Liebman, Associate Professor at Monash University. We are discussing growing up Jewish in New Zealand, his passion for renewables and some of […]

  • Beau Munn

    This week on Deadly Discussions we have Beau Munn, young Indigenous entrepreneur from Katherine NT. Beau shares his story of moving away from culture at a young age to country […]

  • Naomi Dickinson

    This week on Deadly Discussions we have Naomi Dickinson, Electrical Engineer, Chair, Electrical College Victoria Branch, and MD of Redding Consulting Pty Ltd. She shares her story of growing up […]

  • Ruby Heard

    Ruby Heard a Jaru Woman from the Kimberleys Western Australia. She is the Founder of Alinga Energy and a company which tailors energy solutions for remote communities, businesses and large […]

  • Murray Saylor

    This week on Deadly Discussions we have Murray Saylor a Torres Strait Islander Businessman who has overcome many personal and professional obstacles to get Tagai Management Consultants to where it […]

  • Matthew Karakoulakis

    For our very first episode, we have Matthew Karakoulakis, principle lawyer from AMK Law. Mathew and I will touch on the Indigenous procurement Policy, Supply Nation and what are the […]