What is Social Entrepreneurship?

An Entrepreneur is someone who identifies a need and offers a solution for a fair and reasonable price, so that way the customer has their problem solved and the seller is remunerated for the time and energy spent.

A Social Entrepreneur is a person who identifies the social need and offers a solution. However the solution costs, A Social Entrepreneur is the someone who blends a opportunity in the market with a social outcome. This brings a two fold value to the market and community.

This is Social Entrepreneurship.

This is Deadly Discussions.

About The Host

The Podcast Deadly Discussions is designed to engage with all people working within the social corporate space, whether that is large multinationals with social procurement policies, government departments engaging with minorities groups, philanthropist, entrepreneurs trying to do some good or small businesses wanting to implement a giveback policy in their work culutre.

Early 2016 Isaac Co-Founded Bunjil Energy, an Energy Company founded on Indigenous Principles and Ethics. The Company Bunjil since has grown and project manages sites all over Australia.

Whatever the case I’m sure you will find inspiring stories, tales of success and failures and hear good things done by everyday people in business. This is why it is called Deadly Discussions, the deadly is Indigenous slang word for “Awesome or Great”, so come and listen to some great discussions and find out what it takes to become a Social Entrepreneur. Enjoy.